Real Estate Prices and Services

Still Photography

Special discount rate - St Charles County under $250k list: $95

• Up to $500k list price: $125

• $500k - $750k list price: $150

• $750k - $1m list price: $175

• $1m+: Starting at $195

360 Degree Virtual Tour

• Up to $500k list price: $125

• $500k - $750k list price: $150

• $750k - $1m list price: $175

• $1m+: Starting at $195

Add navigation hot-spots for $25.

Listing Video with Music

Quick Video: $50 (only available when already on site for stills)

The Quick Video is a low cost way to add a video to your marketing. It focuses on the main areas of the home and gives a general overview of the property. The interior is displayed with nice movement throughout while we use the still photos of the exterior to show the outside. 

Standard Video: Starting at $125

Compared with the Quick Video, the Standard Video is typically longer (two to three minutes) and shows more details. The gimbal-mounted camera creates smoother movement and a variety of more advanced camera movements than the hand-held footage of the Quick Video. We use motion to show both the outside as well as the inside. The deluxe video is ideal for higher end homes, typically $500k+.

Mini-Videos - A quick re-cut of your listing video

Maximize the impact of your listing video. Instead of a one-time marketing message you'll have several quick, easily digested videos that make a stronger impact on the short attention span of today's audiences. Re-cut from your listing video, these 15 second videos feature a single standout feature of your listing, such as a great kitchen or finished lower level. Or market an open house.

Just $45. (requires a listing video)

Room measurement - Most homes just $25

Only done when already at the home for photos or video.

Slideshow of Still Images - $25

Your still photos are combined into a slideshow with music.

Get the impact of a twilight shot without the cost. One exterior photo taken during the daytime is edited to look like a twilight photo.

Also perfect for turning dull, overcast days into perfect photo opportunities!

Simulated Twilight Image - $75

Genuine Twilight Photo Shoot - Shot at sunset

Add $195 to regular still photography for the listing.

Retouching - Typically $15/photo

ie: replacing the sky, "sodding" lawn, fixing holes in walls.

Flier Design

$45/8x10 (single or double sided) $65/11x17 double sided

We send you a printable file so that you can print - or have printed - as many fliers as you need for your marketing needs. Some designs are more graphic and colorful, others are more basic in order to use less ink when printed.

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