Bride and groom posing at sunset overlooking the river at Hermann Hill.

Wedding Photography

Emotional Documentary - An Honest Take On Wedding Photography

I have a very simple philosophy; wedding photography is about capturing real memories not turning your day into a photo shoot.


I create a visual time capsule that captures this amazing moment in your lives. Years from now you'll cherish photos you can show your children and say, “That's what we were like. Those were the people we were then."  No one will care about the place settings or some cheesy pose copied from Pinterest. The true value of your photos is in seeing a glimpse of a past and of the people you are right now, at this special, fleeting moment in your lives.


This is why I really enjoy photographing weddings; capturing a piece of the present so it can be loved in the future.


My exclusive Pay-After-The-Wedding program requires only 50% of the total price by the wedding and gives you up to six months after to pay the balance. That means you don't have every expense coming due right at the start of the wedding.


I don't do any post-wedding selection or enhancement until the balance is paid, of course, but it gives you an option you won't find elsewhere.

Bride and her mother getting ready and sharing a kiss.
Bride and groom posing at St Charles Missouri.
Elderly man and young child sharing a moment at a wedding reception.
Bride and groom posing at sunset overlooking the river at Hermann Hill.
Bride and groom cutting the cake at Hermann Hill.