Real Moments and Emotions

It's all about emotions. Not a bunch of poses, random snapshots, or smile-for-the-camera yearbook pics. Your wedding photos should be full of emotion and personality. They should tell a compelling story of your wedding day, yes, but they should also capture a glimpse of who you are and what your relationship is like at this amazing moment in your lives.


I'm very proud of my Pay-After-The-Wedding program. I'm the only one who has anything quite like it. In essence, it requires only 50% of the total price by the wedding and gives you up to six months after to pay the balance. That means you don't have every expense coming due right at the start of the wedding. I don't do any post-wedding selection or enhancement until the balance is paid, of course.


You can take advantage of this program or go the traditional route and pay everything by the wedding day, but it gives you some options you won't get elsewhere.

More Than “Candids”

Most photographers say they shoot “candids.” However, there's a big difference between random candids and photos that capture real emotion and story through great expressions and interactions.


I photograph in an unobtrusive manner and don't do a lot of posing or staging. I'm drawn to emotion, expression, and animates personalities. However, sometimes the most amazing images can be created in the quietest of moments.


Yes I do incorporate a few family formals and we'll take some time to create dynamic staged photos, but most of the day is captured as it unfolds without interference.

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