Real Estate Video

Starting at just $50

Video adds a new dimension to your property marketing. It makes your property stand out in a crowded market, and sellers love the idea that your marketing includes not only professional photography but professional video as well.

Why add video to your property marketing?

• Zillo, Facebook, Instagram, and other important marketing sites give preference to listings with video in searches.

• Many buyers prefer to view a video than look at still images. Present your listing in the way the buyer wants to see it!

• Thanks to a music track, a video can have more emotional impact than still photos alone. When buyers have an emotional connection they are more likely to remember it among the competition and visit it in person.

• Stand out in a competitive market - Your listing will stand out among the competitors that don't include video in the marketing mix. Conversely, if your listing doesn't include a video your competitors will have an advantage over you.

• Make the right impression - Your sellers want to know that you're doing everything you can to sell their house. When you offer video marketing, along with professional photography, it makes a powerful impression at listing presentations.

Quick Video - $50

Only available when already on site for stills

The Quick Video is a low cost way to add the impact of video to your marketing. At just $50 it should be a part of every home's marketing program!

• Main areas of home only - living room, kitchen, master bed/bath, finished lower level
• Typically one view of each room
• Exterior done with still images, interior is all motion    
• Handheld footage

This is an example of a $50 listing video.

Standard Video - Starting at $125

If you're looking for that extra bit of quality for a high-end listing consider the Standard Video. You get a somewhat longer video with more details and motion inside and out. All footage is captured with a gimbal mounted camera for smoother motion.

• Main areas as well as secondary bedrooms and bonus rooms
• Typically multiple views of each room
• Motion for exterior as well (not stills)
• Gimbal mounted camera for extra smooth results

This is an example of a Standard Video for $125.

Quick Video vs. Standard Video - What's the difference?

The Quick Video is designed to be a low cost way to add video to your marketing. For just $50 you can have a professional video that adds impact to your marketing. However, when compared to the Standard Video there are some important differences that you should note.

• Just $50 - The Standard Video starts at $125

• Shorter - About a minute long. This is actually good for today's short attention span audience. Standard is typically two to three minutes long.

• Exterior views are taken from still photos only - The Standard Video includes motion footage of the exterior. For most homes this works perfectly, but if the exterior is an important sales point of your listing (extensive landscaping, elaborate pool deck, etc.) then the Standard Video is a better choice. 

• Handheld footage - Compared with the gimbal mounted camera in the Standard Video handheld footage may not be quite as smooth. I have a pretty steady hand, but you should still take a look at the samples and judge for yourself whether this is an issue for you.

• Basic camera movements - The gimbal mounted camera of the Standard Video allows for more variety of camera movements. The Basic Video relies almost exclusively on side-to-side sweeps of the camera.

• Only as an add-on to still photography - The Quick Video is ONLY available when I'm already at the property for still photos. The Standard Video can be done on its own in the event that you already have still photos but now want to add video.

If these compromises seem minor, especially when you consider the difference in price, then the Quick Video could be a good addition to your marketing. If, however, you're looking for that extra bit of quality and want to have more detail in your property video, then the Standard Video is a better choice for just a little more.

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