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Real Estate Video

Video adds a new dimension to your property marketing. It makes your property stand out in a crowded market, and sellers love the idea that your marketing includes not only professional photography but professional video as well.

Teaser Video

Just $50

Like a movie trailer, the teaser video shows just a few rooms to grab the buyer's interest and bring them in to get more information.The Mini Video is a low cost way to add a video as another "hit" to your marketing program. It is not, however, intended to be a complete tour of the home. 

• Roughly thirty seconds long and set to music.
• Only available as an add-on to still photos.
• Main living areas only (greatroom, kitchen, finished lower level).
• Still photos for the exterior and motion video for the interior.
• Handheld and movement consists primarily of simple side-to-side pans or up-and-down tilts.

Standard Video

Just $95

The most popular video, the Standard Video is a more complete tour giving more views of the house and rooms within. It's between one and two minutes in length and set to music.

• The most popular video.
• Only available as an add-on to still photos.

• Between 1 to 1.5 minutes in length
• Typically one or two shots of each main area
   - Typical coverage: main living areas, bedrooms, finished lower level
   - Areas typically NOT covered: bathrooms and powder rooms, laundry rooms, unfinished areas, closets

Deluxe Video

Starting at $150

Recommended for higher end homes, the Deluxe video uses a larger gimbal mounted camera for better image quality, smoother motion, and more variety of camera movements. It may sound like a small difference but it makes a big impact giving your video a more polished, refined feel ideal for higher end homes. The Deluxe Video is a little longer to feature more of the home's finer details.

• The preferred video for higher end homes.
• Available as a stand-alone or with still photos.

• More views of most rooms as well as additional details
• Typically 2 to 2.5 minutes in length
   - Typical coverage: main living areas, bedrooms, larger bathrooms, nicer laundry rooms
   - Areas typically NOT covered: small bathrooms and powder rooms, unfinished areas, small closets

Why add video to your property marketing?

• Zillow, Facebook, Instagram, and other important marketing sites give preference to listings with video in searches.

• Many buyers prefer to view a video than look at still images. Present your listing in the way the buyer wants to see it!

• Thanks to a music track, a video can have more emotional impact than still photos alone. When buyers have an emotional connection they are more likely to remember it among the competition and visit it in person.

• Stand out in a competitive market - Your listing will stand out among the competitors that don't include video in the marketing mix. Conversely, if your listing doesn't include a video your competitors will have an advantage over you.

• Make the right impression - Your sellers want to know that you're doing everything you can to sell their house. When you offer video marketing, along with professional photography, it makes a powerful impression at listing presentations.

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